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About CVB Media

CVB Media can create 'magic out of mung beans' - even if you only have limited photography, we can take what you've got, combine it with inexpensive stock photography, and create a masterpiece.

If you are missing that all-important 'hook' - the line or phrase that you can use to consistently market your destination, we can help with that, too. Two examples:

Over the last few years, the city of Edmond has had a grassroots project of scattering beautiful works of public art - much of it purchased by individual citizens and companies - around the city. Our new tagline?

Edmond - The Art of Oklahoma

Midwest City has a brand new CVB, and a non-existent image. But is has a couple of strong points, such as its strong military history, and its closeness to downtown Oklahoma City. So we came up with this call to action:

Make Midwest City Your 'Base of Operations' in central Oklahoma

CVB Media can be your one source for all your creative print needs:

  • Visitor Guides & Maps
  • Attraction and Event Brochures
  • Postcards (including list and mailing)
  • Color and B&W Ads